30 December 2009

In the Works! } Website Overhaul

It's never all rest and relaxation around here!  Here's a teaser screenshot of the all new home page of Stephanie J Designs.  Site overhaul in progress - and will be ready for launch when I return from holiday.

26 December 2009

Merry, Merry Everyone!

Guess who is taking a much needed and well deserved holiday from December 23rd thru January 3rd?  You got it!  Yours truly is going to relax, reconnect and just plain ol' be.

I will be checking email and voicemail messages once daily to address any major project changes that may occur while I am on holiday.

New order and general inquiries will be replied to when I return January 4th or shortly thereafter.

Merry, Merry to All and Wishing You A Verrrry Happy New Year ...

19 November 2009

Best of Sacramento Bash } Lolli-Stick Dessert Tags

Tonight!  Sacramento Magazine's "Best of Sacramento" big bash is tonight!  Visit their blog for details and ticket information.  You can still get tickets at the door!

I had the pleasure of creating some dessert bar tags for Carissa with Sugar and Spice and ....  She is creating, what I hear to be an amazing display of literally thousands, mini dessert bites including ... cupcakes, caramel cream puffs, sugar cookies, haute chocolate mousse, spicy ginger-lemon mousse, pb&j's, strawberry pate de fruit and a wedding cake!  Carissa's desserts are gorgeous - a must see.

The dessert bar tags I created turned out super-cute!  Right?  At the event they will be placed in shot glasses filled with hot pink sugar.  Can't wait to see pics!  But could not wait for event pics ... I absolutely had to share how adorable these little babies came out!

17 November 2009

Ramblings } Oye, Salads

Sooo, this past wedding season really took a toll on my eating habits.  If you constructed a food pyramid of what I was eating - Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would have been its own food group.  {right, M?}  Therefore, to get myself back on track I have limited my calories to 1200 a day and eating salads for at least two of my daily meals.  I am {surprisingly} enjoying coming up with creative combinations to keep me interested in my salad meals.  

Thought I would share today's lunch and my recent salad infatuation ... 2 cups of spring greens, a sprinkle of feta, 3 strawberries and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette.  

Any good salad ideas out there that are super-tasty with just a few ingredients??  If I have to think beyond 4 ingredients - I'm grabbin' the Reese's!

14 November 2009

Cuteness } Huny-Bee Baby Shower

Project 2 of 2 from yesterday!  Utter cuteness achieved with these honey inspired baby shower invites!  Andrea {new mom to be} and Jamie {my hair stylist at Ooh, La, La Salon & Day Spa in Rocklin & hostess with the mostess}, wanted something super-cute, girly invitation - incorporating black, pinks, polka dots and left the rest of the details up to me.  Loooove that!

We started off thinking "honey" - since new baby Kaydence's room is Winnie the Pooh inspired and then took off in a bee direction to incorporate touches of black.  Kaydence's middle name is Rose so to play off that I added a few little roses here and there.  Add in some sticky sweet wording, buzzing bees, fuzzy glitter, ribbon and the adorable little invite was born. 

Looking forward to sharing more papery for the shower soon ... favor tags, banner & more.

13 November 2009

Ramblings } Typical Workday

Soooo, what did you do last night??  Here's what 1 venti vanilla latte {at 9pm,}, 2 diet pepsi's {at midnight and 1am respectively} and a whole lotta pent-up creativity helped me accomplish last night.

Two cute {baby related} jobs needed to get out the door early today.  As a wife and mother to one little rambunctious 4 year old it is tough to find enough hours in the day to get everything on my to do list done - well done right anyway.  So, I get up at 5am daily to get 2 solid hours of work before everyone rises, there are 2 days a week where I have an additional 3 hours while the little one is at preschool, 1 solid all day workday when the hubby is home, a good 2 hours at night when the little one goes nite-nite and often that is just not enough.  Twice this week, I pulled all nighters to get my clients their uber-fabulous stationery into their hot little hands.  

Pictured above is what 50 baby announcements looks like all neatly stacked for drying.  Double matting, photo, ribbon, hand glittering, a crystal and a lot of time, patience and love went into these babies.  More pics of The Chiesa Family's baby announcements to come.

Up next } Job 2 of 2 from last night BUZZ-Worthy baby shower invites ...

12 November 2009

New! } Custom Escort Card Boards

This has got to be my favorite little project of the year!  One of my brides, Devon, is getting married this weekend at V.Sattui Winery in Napa and she wanted a unique way to display her escort cards.  

The wedding ... vintage inspired, merlot, plum, silvers, glamorous.  We tossed around handfuls of ideas and decided on a custom tufted pin board.  Oh, it is amazing.  The pics really do not do it justice.  At 4ft by 2ft - to hold the 125 mini square envelope escort cards - it is an impressive piece of decor as well. 

With swatches of Devon's linens (from La Tavola Linen - a fav linen company of mine) in hand, I headed off to the fabric store finding the perfect compliment to the table linens she had chosen.  The fabric I found was pin-tucked so there was no need to over complicate the design with a ribbon criss-cross pattern.  I ordered vintage inspired rosette rhinestone buttons to tuft the board.  Floral pins with a clear crystal on the end will be used to attach the little cards and ... voila the result simple elegant perfection.

Custom tufted boards can be made in just about any shape and fit any number of escort cards.  Devon's board was $275.

07 November 2009

Wedding Class } By Real Weddings Magazine

Attended the "Wedding Class" by Real Weddings Magazine at Whitney Oaks Golf Club in Rocklin, California a few weekends back.  Wanted to put up a post of my little table and the fab arrangement that Martha (Blooms by Martha Andrews) sent with me.  Oh, so glamorous!!

Cuteness } OMG! Notecards

Recently did these little notecards as a cute giveaway at the bridal workshop I attended for Real Weddings Magazine.

The notecards have been so popular that I am now offering them up as a signature design! 

Choose from ...
Will you be my Maid of Honor?
Will you be my Matron of Honor?
Will you be my Bridesmaid?
Will you be my Junior Bridesmaid?
Will you be my Flower Girl?

Soft metallic ivory notecard with metallic champagne envelope
$3.75 Each

29 October 2009

Toasty Treats } Association of Bridal Consultants Quaterly

I love fall and winter ... I make it through the hot, hot, hot Northern California summers with thoughts of the chilly seasons I love best.  Crackling fireplace, hot mug of something sweet {occasionally with the addition of a little something wicked} and my little family to make it perfect!

Soooo, with the onset of all things fall ... I was recently asked to create a fall inspired little treat {slash} favor for the bridal consultants attending the Quarterly Association of Bridal Consultants Mixer by Amber Novey of Platinum Planning.  

Here's what I cooked up ... I wanted to incorporate something that related to my biz so I choose personalized stationery for each of the attendees with a little name tag attached by a crystal corsage pin and a Pecan Turtle Tartlette {from Whole Foods} with a coordinating little "Toasty Treat" tag.

Just in case you are wondering ... those little tartlettes are to die for!!

Oooo, and .... if you like the Twilight/True Blood inspired invite I showcased last week ... another equally delicious invite to be reviled this weekend!  It will be a film inspired bridal shower invitation ... set in the little town of "Some Town", Connecticut.  Anyone, gotta guess??

22 October 2009

Film Inspired } Vamp Bachelorette Invites

Ok.  I love movies.  No really, I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with films.  Romance, horror, drama, cheesy ... whatever.  It is a rare occasion when I actually turn off a movie because it's bad - I usually have to see it through to its end.  Fortunately, my husband and I share the same obsession with films.  And since I love both movies and paper ... Brainstorm!  I'm combining the two.  My two loves {or rather obsessions} - flix and invites.  

Sound like a stretch?  Not so for me, I really need a muse when I am designing - be it inspiration from a client, colors, event decor, flowers,  you name it.  Why not my fav flix? Over the next several weeks I will be releasing invitations inspired by some of my favorite films.

First up ... yes, I can admit I am a Twilight fanatic and love horror flix {especially ones with vampires!}.  So inspired it's my first in the movie inspired signature line.  The Bachelorette "Vamp" invite.  Outside with black satin ribbon, black hand glittering, deep red, gunmetal and silver papers.  Inside are all the details for the parrrtay!  Soooo, delicious.

Vamp Bachelorette Invitations
12 for $85
20 for $135

Awwwww, Thanks! } Blooms by Martha Andrews

Love, love, love my office mate and friend, Martha of Blooms by Martha Andrews, she sent me home with three bunches of melon color roses earlier in the week.  They make such a bright little spot in my home studio!  Thanks, M!!!  :)

15 October 2009

Around the Studio } Remember to take a Break!

A sign of the times?  I think NOT!  Since all my design work is done at the design studio in my house, I need more than a gentle reminder to stay out of here when it's time to be wife, mother, chef, maid, professional shopper etc.   

I have been wanting to get a french door for the office for sometime now - I think that would be cute and feel more like a little studio.  Long ago we took down the solid door so that the office felt more open.  However, now that there is no door it's really hard to get some peace and quiet when it is time to work - combined with the gaping doorway beckoning me constantly to check messages or just "really quick" finish up that design draft - I needed something to keep me out.  Ahhh, haaa ... so I made this super-cute little "Closed" banner to remind me that it's not workin' time - turn around and go play!

I still want to embellish it a little - some flowers here and there, maybe a little hand-glittering. Couldn't you just see a little "bride" banner, a fancy B or G for the bride and grooms reception chairs, birthday banners with the honoree's name ... aaaaaaa!  Adorable.  

Working on some fabulous stuff over the next two weeks ... holiday designs coming the first week of November, long awaited signature design line, banners, new table card ideas and more, more more!

Stay tuned ...

13 October 2009

SJD in the Spotlight } Real Weddings Magazine

One of my favorite magazines just featured little 'ol SJD on their blog.  All about inspiring peacock details ... read on.  

Thank you, thank you my friends over at Real Weddings Magazine - the love is eternally mutual. 

02 October 2009

Reception } Die Cut Table Cards

A follow-up my post on the candy labels (below) ... are the die cut table cards for tomorrow's wedding.  Super-cute!  They really make a plain panel table card really much more spectacular.  Just think - with another layer, maybe some ribbon, some even bling-ier bling and these babies could really go over the top.  And ... to peak your imagination ... I've got just about every shape and size imaginable to boot.  Maybe some scroll-y numbers, letters, mini banner shape ... I may have to play with these and post some samples!

And a tid bit about the monogram in the back.  I am obsessed with all things vintage lately - love these really flourished-out letters.  This "S" was originally designed as a monogram for another client and just didn't really fit their overall wedding style so we went in a different direction (super-cute! more from that wedding next weekend!).  I'll admit I was a little bummed because I really love this "S" and really wanted to use it on a stationery set - and then voila! wedding this weekend? sorta last minute order - and bam-o usin' the "S".  

30 September 2009

Candy Buffet } Custom Labels & Tags

I'm loving candy buffets right now.  You can have so much fun with them - it's a space where you can let loose a little and not be so stuffy.  Play with color, textures, candy names, etc.  I'm especially drawn to candy buffets that are one or two colors.  

For candy buffet inspiration, visit Amy Atlas Events - her work is absolutely delicious!

Just did these little die cut candy labels for a client's wedding this weekend.  Had to share even if there are no suckers in the pic!

28 September 2009

Two Cents } Programs

To Program or Not to Program that is the question.  On the one hand - not everyone takes or appreciates them enough to keep them.  So, unfortunately, a handful land in the trash.  Really it's all us chicks that truly appreciate the program.  We oogle over who is who, check out the songs, readings and well-up over the sincere "thank you for attending" from the couple.  Dudes - well, they could really care less.

Now on the other hand ... they are a gracious and warm welcome to your guests, gives everyone an idea of what is to come, a treasured keepsake to most (most importantly to the newlyweds themselves), a well thought out little thank you to your guests (and likely to your parents) included can speak volumes and not to mention the only written history of your ceremony.

My take is this ... I adore a program.  Make it simple and concise to save on printing, order about the same number of programs as you did invitations and designate someone at the entrance of the ceremony to hand them out.  If you leave them alone, pushed aside and expect guests to pick them up - they won't.

24 September 2009

Events } Palm Lake Retreat

Don't miss it!  Today is your last chance to reply for the celebration this Friday night at Palm Lake Retreat in Lincoln, California.  Details are below in one of my recent posts.  The party is sure to be a great time.

Replies to:

Hope to see you there!

20 September 2009

SJD in the Spotlight } Studio Z Newsletter

Oooooh, Studio Z, how do I love thee??  Lots!!  Thank you, Annie, so much for spotlighting my little biz in your September Newsletter!!

16 September 2009

Events } Exclusive Property Launch - Palm Lake Retreat

Lincoln Palm Lake Retreats is hosting a property launch and extending a special invitation to view the property in all it's splendor as the property owners renew their vows.

This invitation is open to Greater Sacramento Area event professionals.  If you are an area professional that would like to be added to the guest list, please send me your company name, address, phone and email address to stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com.

Space is limited - so let us know promptly!

Friday, September 25th
half-past six o'clock in the evening
two thousand nine

7535 West Wise Road
Lincoln, California
Saturday, the twenty-fifth day of September
at half-past six o'clock in the evening

Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvers

Details & more at ...

Hope to see you there!!

08 September 2009

Place Cards } Hummingbirds

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an animal fanatic.  Most creatures large and small (no spiders or bugs, thank you) and that hummingbirds hold a very special place in my heart.  My grandparents always fed hummingbirds with little red feeders when I was growing up.  My lazy summer daze were spent by their pool, sunning, snacking and watching those little birds.  I have always associated hummingbirds with with memories of my grandparents.  

So now, I continue the family tradition of feeding hummingbirds myself.  I love watching them buzz in for a quick treat - buzz around - and buzz off.  So adorable.  I swear I could watch them all day.

Ahh, ha and then along came my creative Jersey bride and her talented planner sister with the perfect hummingbird project.  600 of these little birdies flew off for NJ this morning.  The arrangement planned for these hummingbird place cards is going to be magnificent to say the least.  (Stay tuned!)  I just couldn't resist posting a little peak at a blank birdie.

Birds are roughly 3x5 and tented so that they can stand on their own (or with a little mossy support) - the guest names will be written in calligraphy on the front of the bird and the guest's table location written on the inside.  Oh, so tweet!

Die cuts are an amazing way to create a little unique twist to the same ol' boring rectangle place cards.  What shapes?  Only limit is your imagination.

SJD Ramblings { Yummy, Sweet Berries

My friends and frequent clients the Rekers family sent me a yummy, yummy (oh, so bad for my lingering diet - but oh, so good) treat last week.  Thank you right back - for sending me the berry treat (and cookies!).  They were a wonderful surprise.

07 September 2009

SJD Messages } Schedule

The studio and office are closed today in observance of Labor Day.  I will return voicemail and email messages tomorrow morning.  

28 August 2009

Place Cards & Favors } Mini Champagne Bottles

I love the idea of combining papery & favors.  These mini champagne bottles are from one of my real weddings August 22nd - the newly married Vanessa and John Wesseling.  (soooo, much more to come from this wedding - tons of personalized details - I am dying to get my hands on pics!)  These mini champagne bottles were set at each place setting as the guest's favor and served double-duty as their place card.  

The mini champagne bottles were tied off with a soft ivory satin ribbon, a mini folded card with the guest's name on the front, coordinating (yet, altering) artwork to signify the guest's entree choice and a little thank you from the bride and groom tucked inside.

So cute!

Favz } Scented Oils

Ok.  I am officially obsessed with these little scented oils from Bath and Body Works!  My sister-in-law gave me a set with the little oil warmer several birthdays ago and I have gradually collected a massive stockpile of scents.  

These little bottles pack a serious punch of room smelling loveliness.  Just a few drops in a warmer scents my entire house.  Top to bottom - every nook and cranny.  Love them if I'm feeling like I need to de-stress, love them if I'm having guests over, love them if I need to put myself in a creative mood - just plain love 'em.  

My all time favorite last year was a Fresh Lemonade - this months obsession is White Citrus.

How cute would these babies be as favors????

19 August 2009

Events } Lakeside Luxury Benefit & Auction

Join The Memory Journalists, Exquisite Events & Entertainment and Style Magazines at a Lakeside Luxury Benefit and Auction for Shriners Hospital for Children in Sacramento, California this coming September.

September 19th, 2009
4 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening
Ice Lakes Lodge
1111 Soda Springs Road
Soda Springs, California
Tickets are $50 per person

I can't think of a more deserving charity.  Shriners holds a very special place in my heart.  My nephew severely burned his hands when he was just over a year old.  Shriners heard about his case and offered any an all services needed to get him on the mend.  It was a long and painful process for the little guy and thanks to Shriners and all the wonderful doctors & nurses there he made a full and complete recovery.

If you're considering charitable contributions this year, this is definitely a deserving cause.  Visit lakesideluxury.blogspot.com for more information.

06 August 2009

SJD Messages } Schedule

SJD is closing up shop for a little hiatus from Friday, August 7th until Tuesday, August 11th.  Returning calls and emails when I return to the grind on Wednesday, August 12th.


03 August 2009

Options } Panel Invite Back 5-Ways

I've been wanting to show these Panel (panel invitations with no pocket) back options for sometime.  Thinking it really helps to see the same invite with different options for the back.  Each little twist makes such a difference

Photo 1: invitation front
Photo 2: ribbon sash
Photo 3: ribbon knot
Photo 4: tailored Tiffany bow
Photo 5: ribbon sash with punched monogram panel
Photo 6: ribbon sash with flat monogram panel

Which is your favorite back??  Mine?  The tailored Tiffany bow.  I'm all about those little bows these days.

26 July 2009

Organize } Portfolio Samples!

In organize mode ... my "organizing desk" which is now located centrally in the family room.  Feeling just a tad too claustrophobic in the studio with me, the little one and all the animals (2 cats: Shadow & Wyle and 1 dog: Chase).  

My view from behind the table!  It's a little daunting - but - will be well worth the reward!  I'm assembling my portfolio samples (which I rarely have time to do because I'm pushing orders out the door - always figuring my stuff can wait), organizing what I need to photograph and cataloging everything for my new portfolio books.  Yeeee hoo!  All while watching "Harry Potter Weekend" on ABC Family with the little one.  Who by the way would not allow me to photograph him for this post.  Bummer.

Rewind } The Archives

I have sooooo many invitations that I haven't photographed yet - some going back to early 2008!  I dragged out the giant invitation archive last night and decided, on a whim, start organizing it all.  And then this morning I needed to shoot some of my finds.

This mostly came out of a need to catalog and store each invitation in a way that I can easily share them at consultations.  And the organizing pressure is on since Martha and I move into the newly renovated meeting space next weekend (well that's the goal anyway!).  More on that later.  We are soooo excited!!

Invitation for a favorite client of mine who, together with her sister, hosted a reception in honor of their brother's recent wedding in Thailand.  I was all about the envelope liner on this invite and really loved how the color palette came together - the muted colors with that crazy pop of limey-yellow.  

Double sided postcard invitation for a house warming party.  The Dupras Family, also a previous wedding client of mine, hosted a down-home country shindig at their new diggs.  As simple as this invitation was - it is on my list of all-time favorites.

I have to admit I am already thinking about the holidays!  This invite was for a holiday party celebrating new ownership & renovation of the salons.  I don't know what it is about the holiday season that makes me feel like I need to glitter everything in sight!

I have to say one of my favorite clients of all time - the Ciapessoni Family ordered these invitations for a 60th birthday celebration.  It's always a creative challenge designing an invitation for the dude's out there and still keep my girl-y little twists in there.

My son's 4th birthday invitation.  We loooooove Scooby around here.  Seems like I never get the time to really go nuts on my own party invitations - boo, hoo.  I'm always trying frantically to get them done in the midst of everything else going on.

Feelin' the tiki torches yet?  This was a super-quick invite for my good friends, The Braner Family.  Ashli graduated high school this year and they hosted a BBQ beach inspired bash.

This one was fun!  Introducing the double sided invite.  One side girly - one side all boy.  My friend Coleen has twins and triplets.  Yes!  I know.  For the twin's, Falyne and Karson, 5th birthday I came up with the double sided invite - you choose who's party your attending - one event two invites all in one. 

Sooooo, that's it for this morning.  As I go through the rest of the archive, I'll pull more invites - photograph 'em and post 'em up!