22 October 2009

Film Inspired } Vamp Bachelorette Invites

Ok.  I love movies.  No really, I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with films.  Romance, horror, drama, cheesy ... whatever.  It is a rare occasion when I actually turn off a movie because it's bad - I usually have to see it through to its end.  Fortunately, my husband and I share the same obsession with films.  And since I love both movies and paper ... Brainstorm!  I'm combining the two.  My two loves {or rather obsessions} - flix and invites.  

Sound like a stretch?  Not so for me, I really need a muse when I am designing - be it inspiration from a client, colors, event decor, flowers,  you name it.  Why not my fav flix? Over the next several weeks I will be releasing invitations inspired by some of my favorite films.

First up ... yes, I can admit I am a Twilight fanatic and love horror flix {especially ones with vampires!}.  So inspired it's my first in the movie inspired signature line.  The Bachelorette "Vamp" invite.  Outside with black satin ribbon, black hand glittering, deep red, gunmetal and silver papers.  Inside are all the details for the parrrtay!  Soooo, delicious.

Vamp Bachelorette Invitations
12 for $85
20 for $135


  1. SOOooo awesome, I want to have a bachelorette party!

    ps. and I am a guy (Q)

  2. Tee, hee, hee ... that is too funny! Isn't it smokin'? I loooove this invite beyond words. :)