26 July 2009

Organize } Portfolio Samples!

In organize mode ... my "organizing desk" which is now located centrally in the family room.  Feeling just a tad too claustrophobic in the studio with me, the little one and all the animals (2 cats: Shadow & Wyle and 1 dog: Chase).  

My view from behind the table!  It's a little daunting - but - will be well worth the reward!  I'm assembling my portfolio samples (which I rarely have time to do because I'm pushing orders out the door - always figuring my stuff can wait), organizing what I need to photograph and cataloging everything for my new portfolio books.  Yeeee hoo!  All while watching "Harry Potter Weekend" on ABC Family with the little one.  Who by the way would not allow me to photograph him for this post.  Bummer.

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