19 November 2009

Best of Sacramento Bash } Lolli-Stick Dessert Tags

Tonight!  Sacramento Magazine's "Best of Sacramento" big bash is tonight!  Visit their blog for details and ticket information.  You can still get tickets at the door!

I had the pleasure of creating some dessert bar tags for Carissa with Sugar and Spice and ....  She is creating, what I hear to be an amazing display of literally thousands, mini dessert bites including ... cupcakes, caramel cream puffs, sugar cookies, haute chocolate mousse, spicy ginger-lemon mousse, pb&j's, strawberry pate de fruit and a wedding cake!  Carissa's desserts are gorgeous - a must see.

The dessert bar tags I created turned out super-cute!  Right?  At the event they will be placed in shot glasses filled with hot pink sugar.  Can't wait to see pics!  But could not wait for event pics ... I absolutely had to share how adorable these little babies came out!

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