29 October 2009

Toasty Treats } Association of Bridal Consultants Quaterly

I love fall and winter ... I make it through the hot, hot, hot Northern California summers with thoughts of the chilly seasons I love best.  Crackling fireplace, hot mug of something sweet {occasionally with the addition of a little something wicked} and my little family to make it perfect!

Soooo, with the onset of all things fall ... I was recently asked to create a fall inspired little treat {slash} favor for the bridal consultants attending the Quarterly Association of Bridal Consultants Mixer by Amber Novey of Platinum Planning.  

Here's what I cooked up ... I wanted to incorporate something that related to my biz so I choose personalized stationery for each of the attendees with a little name tag attached by a crystal corsage pin and a Pecan Turtle Tartlette {from Whole Foods} with a coordinating little "Toasty Treat" tag.

Just in case you are wondering ... those little tartlettes are to die for!!

Oooo, and .... if you like the Twilight/True Blood inspired invite I showcased last week ... another equally delicious invite to be reviled this weekend!  It will be a film inspired bridal shower invitation ... set in the little town of "Some Town", Connecticut.  Anyone, gotta guess??

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