26 July 2009

Rewind } The Archives

I have sooooo many invitations that I haven't photographed yet - some going back to early 2008!  I dragged out the giant invitation archive last night and decided, on a whim, start organizing it all.  And then this morning I needed to shoot some of my finds.

This mostly came out of a need to catalog and store each invitation in a way that I can easily share them at consultations.  And the organizing pressure is on since Martha and I move into the newly renovated meeting space next weekend (well that's the goal anyway!).  More on that later.  We are soooo excited!!

Invitation for a favorite client of mine who, together with her sister, hosted a reception in honor of their brother's recent wedding in Thailand.  I was all about the envelope liner on this invite and really loved how the color palette came together - the muted colors with that crazy pop of limey-yellow.  

Double sided postcard invitation for a house warming party.  The Dupras Family, also a previous wedding client of mine, hosted a down-home country shindig at their new diggs.  As simple as this invitation was - it is on my list of all-time favorites.

I have to admit I am already thinking about the holidays!  This invite was for a holiday party celebrating new ownership & renovation of the salons.  I don't know what it is about the holiday season that makes me feel like I need to glitter everything in sight!

I have to say one of my favorite clients of all time - the Ciapessoni Family ordered these invitations for a 60th birthday celebration.  It's always a creative challenge designing an invitation for the dude's out there and still keep my girl-y little twists in there.

My son's 4th birthday invitation.  We loooooove Scooby around here.  Seems like I never get the time to really go nuts on my own party invitations - boo, hoo.  I'm always trying frantically to get them done in the midst of everything else going on.

Feelin' the tiki torches yet?  This was a super-quick invite for my good friends, The Braner Family.  Ashli graduated high school this year and they hosted a BBQ beach inspired bash.

This one was fun!  Introducing the double sided invite.  One side girly - one side all boy.  My friend Coleen has twins and triplets.  Yes!  I know.  For the twin's, Falyne and Karson, 5th birthday I came up with the double sided invite - you choose who's party your attending - one event two invites all in one. 

Sooooo, that's it for this morning.  As I go through the rest of the archive, I'll pull more invites - photograph 'em and post 'em up!

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