30 September 2009

Candy Buffet } Custom Labels & Tags

I'm loving candy buffets right now.  You can have so much fun with them - it's a space where you can let loose a little and not be so stuffy.  Play with color, textures, candy names, etc.  I'm especially drawn to candy buffets that are one or two colors.  

For candy buffet inspiration, visit Amy Atlas Events - her work is absolutely delicious!

Just did these little die cut candy labels for a client's wedding this weekend.  Had to share even if there are no suckers in the pic!

28 September 2009

Two Cents } Programs

To Program or Not to Program that is the question.  On the one hand - not everyone takes or appreciates them enough to keep them.  So, unfortunately, a handful land in the trash.  Really it's all us chicks that truly appreciate the program.  We oogle over who is who, check out the songs, readings and well-up over the sincere "thank you for attending" from the couple.  Dudes - well, they could really care less.

Now on the other hand ... they are a gracious and warm welcome to your guests, gives everyone an idea of what is to come, a treasured keepsake to most (most importantly to the newlyweds themselves), a well thought out little thank you to your guests (and likely to your parents) included can speak volumes and not to mention the only written history of your ceremony.

My take is this ... I adore a program.  Make it simple and concise to save on printing, order about the same number of programs as you did invitations and designate someone at the entrance of the ceremony to hand them out.  If you leave them alone, pushed aside and expect guests to pick them up - they won't.

24 September 2009

Events } Palm Lake Retreat

Don't miss it!  Today is your last chance to reply for the celebration this Friday night at Palm Lake Retreat in Lincoln, California.  Details are below in one of my recent posts.  The party is sure to be a great time.

Replies to:

Hope to see you there!

20 September 2009

SJD in the Spotlight } Studio Z Newsletter

Oooooh, Studio Z, how do I love thee??  Lots!!  Thank you, Annie, so much for spotlighting my little biz in your September Newsletter!!

16 September 2009

Events } Exclusive Property Launch - Palm Lake Retreat

Lincoln Palm Lake Retreats is hosting a property launch and extending a special invitation to view the property in all it's splendor as the property owners renew their vows.

This invitation is open to Greater Sacramento Area event professionals.  If you are an area professional that would like to be added to the guest list, please send me your company name, address, phone and email address to stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com.

Space is limited - so let us know promptly!

Friday, September 25th
half-past six o'clock in the evening
two thousand nine

7535 West Wise Road
Lincoln, California
Saturday, the twenty-fifth day of September
at half-past six o'clock in the evening

Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvers

Details & more at ...

Hope to see you there!!

08 September 2009

Place Cards } Hummingbirds

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an animal fanatic.  Most creatures large and small (no spiders or bugs, thank you) and that hummingbirds hold a very special place in my heart.  My grandparents always fed hummingbirds with little red feeders when I was growing up.  My lazy summer daze were spent by their pool, sunning, snacking and watching those little birds.  I have always associated hummingbirds with with memories of my grandparents.  

So now, I continue the family tradition of feeding hummingbirds myself.  I love watching them buzz in for a quick treat - buzz around - and buzz off.  So adorable.  I swear I could watch them all day.

Ahh, ha and then along came my creative Jersey bride and her talented planner sister with the perfect hummingbird project.  600 of these little birdies flew off for NJ this morning.  The arrangement planned for these hummingbird place cards is going to be magnificent to say the least.  (Stay tuned!)  I just couldn't resist posting a little peak at a blank birdie.

Birds are roughly 3x5 and tented so that they can stand on their own (or with a little mossy support) - the guest names will be written in calligraphy on the front of the bird and the guest's table location written on the inside.  Oh, so tweet!

Die cuts are an amazing way to create a little unique twist to the same ol' boring rectangle place cards.  What shapes?  Only limit is your imagination.

SJD Ramblings { Yummy, Sweet Berries

My friends and frequent clients the Rekers family sent me a yummy, yummy (oh, so bad for my lingering diet - but oh, so good) treat last week.  Thank you right back - for sending me the berry treat (and cookies!).  They were a wonderful surprise.

07 September 2009

SJD Messages } Schedule

The studio and office are closed today in observance of Labor Day.  I will return voicemail and email messages tomorrow morning.