15 October 2009

Around the Studio } Remember to take a Break!

A sign of the times?  I think NOT!  Since all my design work is done at the design studio in my house, I need more than a gentle reminder to stay out of here when it's time to be wife, mother, chef, maid, professional shopper etc.   

I have been wanting to get a french door for the office for sometime now - I think that would be cute and feel more like a little studio.  Long ago we took down the solid door so that the office felt more open.  However, now that there is no door it's really hard to get some peace and quiet when it is time to work - combined with the gaping doorway beckoning me constantly to check messages or just "really quick" finish up that design draft - I needed something to keep me out.  Ahhh, haaa ... so I made this super-cute little "Closed" banner to remind me that it's not workin' time - turn around and go play!

I still want to embellish it a little - some flowers here and there, maybe a little hand-glittering. Couldn't you just see a little "bride" banner, a fancy B or G for the bride and grooms reception chairs, birthday banners with the honoree's name ... aaaaaaa!  Adorable.  

Working on some fabulous stuff over the next two weeks ... holiday designs coming the first week of November, long awaited signature design line, banners, new table card ideas and more, more more!

Stay tuned ...


  1. I love it, Stephanie! What a great idea. I hope it works, hard worker. :o)

  2. I love this...definitely need something similar for my home office!!!