28 September 2009

Two Cents } Programs

To Program or Not to Program that is the question.  On the one hand - not everyone takes or appreciates them enough to keep them.  So, unfortunately, a handful land in the trash.  Really it's all us chicks that truly appreciate the program.  We oogle over who is who, check out the songs, readings and well-up over the sincere "thank you for attending" from the couple.  Dudes - well, they could really care less.

Now on the other hand ... they are a gracious and warm welcome to your guests, gives everyone an idea of what is to come, a treasured keepsake to most (most importantly to the newlyweds themselves), a well thought out little thank you to your guests (and likely to your parents) included can speak volumes and not to mention the only written history of your ceremony.

My take is this ... I adore a program.  Make it simple and concise to save on printing, order about the same number of programs as you did invitations and designate someone at the entrance of the ceremony to hand them out.  If you leave them alone, pushed aside and expect guests to pick them up - they won't.

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