17 September 2008

Thinking Green

I get lots of inquires about what products I offer that are a little more "green".  Which has lead me, in recent months, to research my suppliers and take steps here at the studio to make greener choices.  Some findings from my research is detailed below.

Paper - all the paper products I use consist, at a minimum, of 30% post consumer fiber and the two classic papers I use most often are now available at 100% post consumer fiber.  The same paper mill that manufactures the fine papers using 100% post consumer fiber has contracted to convert wood and fiber waste into steam energy to power its largest fine paper mill. Here at the studio, I recycle all my paper scraps that are smaller than 3x2 and keep scraps larger than 3x2 for giveaway swatch samples.

Printing - is all together a different monster.  While there are more eco-friendly options like soy based inks, waterless printing and vegetable oil based inks they tend to be pricey and not all together accessible everywhere and/or pertinent to every printing situation.  Where offset and digital printing still remain in high demand (due to their cost effectiveness) - I am elated to see that my letterpress suppliers offer soy based ink options are nearly the same as the traditional petroleum basked ink rates.  

All of my printing suppliers recycle 100% of their paper waste.  One printing supplier is in the works to convert the print shop to run on 100% wind generated energy.  A large step in reducing printing impacts on the environment is to simply print less.  That is where design can come into play - can you get all the information you need into less printed pieces?  Then do it.  No need to print more - just to print more.

Embellishments - Midori, the ribbon manufacturer I use has taken green throughout the organization.  Many employees bike or carpool to work, participate in a project to conserve 20 acres of conifer forest in the Pacific Northwest, electronic newsletters and marketing programs and many, many, more eco-efforts.

What I was surprised to see is that none of my suppliers are ignoring the environment or their impact on it.  Where changes, however small, can me made they've been done and larger projects, however daunting they may seem, are being scoped out and planned for.

While I love email and electronic messaging I would never want to see a day where there is no paper - just save
those paper moments for when they really count. 

Photo courtesy of: The Memory Journalists 

Blue Hawk

Just had to share a photo of my son, Wyatt, as he took a break rolling on the grass at our friend's wedding rehearsal last Friday nite.  He was so proud of his blue faux-hawk.  

More photos and features of our friend's, Christina & Jason, wedding coming soon!

04 September 2008

Tip > Table Cards

OMG!  I love how Megan & Peter's table cards came out!  I can't wait to get the photos processed of their entire wedding suite to share.  I absolutely had to post this photo of the their table cards all stacked up and ready to go. 

They selected names of "things" (cities, places, dates, etc.) that were meaningful to them as their table numbers.  I love that idea and it's a great alternative to just numbering the tables.  You could even take the naming a step further and do a double sided table card with the "name" on one side and a description of why that name is significant to you and your beloved.  Giving your guests some great conversation material while they're waiting for the party to get started.

A few more tips ... keep table cards large enough to read but small enough not to compete with other table decor, decide whether you will need a stand/holder for your table cards or if you want them designed like a tent to stand on their own prior to ordering and have fun with them!

03 September 2008

Backyard > Just Breathe

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it does a mind and body good to take in a deep breath and just "be" every now and again and explore your own backyard.  Probably best to do the "being" thing more often than not.  There is nothing I love more than exploring our backyard with my 3.5 year old son, Wyatt.  Seeing things through his eyes makes me feel like a kid again.  

Yesterday, we found our Magnolia tree slowly opening a new bloom ... we waited and waited until it was nearly finished opening to take the great shot above.  Later that same day we went to our favorite nursery in Roseville - Green Acres - to buy some ladybugs to release into the yard.  Wyatt loves to release them (and I have to admit I really do too!!), have 'em crawl on our fingers and watch them as they too explore our backyard.

We have lots of flying visitors, too in our yard and I have yet to capture the perfect hummingbird shot ... as soon as I do I'll be posting it for all to enjoy!  

Shows > Bridal Expo

Show Note for Saturday, September 13th
Bridal Expo at Sunrise Mall is coming up fast!  The show takes place over two days - Saturday, September 13th (9-10p) and Sunday, September 14th (11-6p). For more information visit Bridal Expo online.

I am in a wedding on September, 13th and my booth will be covered by Elizabeth, a wedding planner & affliate of AFWPI (Bridal Expo's show promoter).  Elizabeth will be able to hand out materials, samples and answer basic questions about Stephanie J Designs products and services. 

If you are interested in detailed information about SJD products & services, (or if you just wanna meet me!!) I will be at the show all day on Sunday, September 14th.

I'll be fresh off an evening of bridesmaid duties!!  Wish me luck. {smile!}