21 April 2009

Favz > HipChick Designs

So ... my friend and fellow "Bootcamper" Dana Cunningham with HipChick Designs is so creative and talented!  She creates handmade accessories for little girls and us, grown up girly-girls.  Her accessories are a spectacular idea for special events like weddings, picture days and well, any day.  Hello ... I'm wearing a yellow daisy alligator clip today!!  So, cute.

You can view HipChick Designs at Dana's website and purchase clips & accessories at select Nordstrom stores.

Wishing you continued success, Dana!!

Table Cards > Blooms by Martha Andrews

I think by now you realize I have an affection for table cards and making them special.  Usually there are fewer than 20 tables at an event - so making them creative and interesting doesn't take a huge chunk out of your budget.  It's these little details & touches that make your event really something to talk about!

My uber-talented friend and office-mate, Martha from Blooms by Martha Andrews, asked me to create some special table cards (pictured above) for an intimate wedding show participated in a few months back at Le Rivage in Sacramento.  These table cards coordinated with the theme of each table (or floral design concept) she created.  Check out Martha's blog for pics on the table-scapes.

Pics > New Photos Up

New invitation pics up on my SJD Facebook Page.  It's a quick way for me to get new pics up to share - updating my site takes a while!  

15 April 2009

SJD Ramblings > SJ the Paparatzzo

Photography business on the horizon?  Not likely.  I do love photography and would really like to keep it as my hobby - a way to relax, unwind and be purely creative.  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my (well, sort of) niece's senior portraits a few weeks ago in Old Sacramento (the very same night I realized that I was coming down with chicken pox!).

Without going into a long story - I have known Ashli since the day she was born (and, yes, that makes me feel old) and am thrilled to see her grow into the creative, passionate, responsible young lady she is today.  Ashli is also my son's "numero uno" kidsitter and my occasional assistant around the studio.  I am so excited for her as she takes the next steps in her life when she graduates from high school this year.

Happy Graduation, Ash!!

09 April 2009

Alison Ulshoffer {New Logo, New Site}

New site & logo for the fabulous Alison Ulshoffer of Alison Ulshoffer Events & Design!  And, yes, my friends, logo created by yours truly.  Alison is flirty, girly and together with her team of event consultants pulls off incredibly polished events.  She wanted a logo that conveyed both her personality and the polished nature of her work ... what do you think??

Yep, here at SJD I not only create wedding invitations & custom stationery but offer business graphic design services as well.  It's not something I advertise on my site but I enjoy taking on creative business projects when they come my way.  

Blogging about soon ... a very exciting gourmet food project I have been working on with a hush, hush client.  And a new logo & business feature about one of my interior design clients.

Congrats on the new site Alison!  I know it's been a labor of .... 
let's just say l-o-v-e.