29 October 2009

Toasty Treats } Association of Bridal Consultants Quaterly

I love fall and winter ... I make it through the hot, hot, hot Northern California summers with thoughts of the chilly seasons I love best.  Crackling fireplace, hot mug of something sweet {occasionally with the addition of a little something wicked} and my little family to make it perfect!

Soooo, with the onset of all things fall ... I was recently asked to create a fall inspired little treat {slash} favor for the bridal consultants attending the Quarterly Association of Bridal Consultants Mixer by Amber Novey of Platinum Planning.  

Here's what I cooked up ... I wanted to incorporate something that related to my biz so I choose personalized stationery for each of the attendees with a little name tag attached by a crystal corsage pin and a Pecan Turtle Tartlette {from Whole Foods} with a coordinating little "Toasty Treat" tag.

Just in case you are wondering ... those little tartlettes are to die for!!

Oooo, and .... if you like the Twilight/True Blood inspired invite I showcased last week ... another equally delicious invite to be reviled this weekend!  It will be a film inspired bridal shower invitation ... set in the little town of "Some Town", Connecticut.  Anyone, gotta guess??

22 October 2009

Film Inspired } Vamp Bachelorette Invites

Ok.  I love movies.  No really, I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with films.  Romance, horror, drama, cheesy ... whatever.  It is a rare occasion when I actually turn off a movie because it's bad - I usually have to see it through to its end.  Fortunately, my husband and I share the same obsession with films.  And since I love both movies and paper ... Brainstorm!  I'm combining the two.  My two loves {or rather obsessions} - flix and invites.  

Sound like a stretch?  Not so for me, I really need a muse when I am designing - be it inspiration from a client, colors, event decor, flowers,  you name it.  Why not my fav flix? Over the next several weeks I will be releasing invitations inspired by some of my favorite films.

First up ... yes, I can admit I am a Twilight fanatic and love horror flix {especially ones with vampires!}.  So inspired it's my first in the movie inspired signature line.  The Bachelorette "Vamp" invite.  Outside with black satin ribbon, black hand glittering, deep red, gunmetal and silver papers.  Inside are all the details for the parrrtay!  Soooo, delicious.

Vamp Bachelorette Invitations
12 for $85
20 for $135

Awwwww, Thanks! } Blooms by Martha Andrews

Love, love, love my office mate and friend, Martha of Blooms by Martha Andrews, she sent me home with three bunches of melon color roses earlier in the week.  They make such a bright little spot in my home studio!  Thanks, M!!!  :)

15 October 2009

Around the Studio } Remember to take a Break!

A sign of the times?  I think NOT!  Since all my design work is done at the design studio in my house, I need more than a gentle reminder to stay out of here when it's time to be wife, mother, chef, maid, professional shopper etc.   

I have been wanting to get a french door for the office for sometime now - I think that would be cute and feel more like a little studio.  Long ago we took down the solid door so that the office felt more open.  However, now that there is no door it's really hard to get some peace and quiet when it is time to work - combined with the gaping doorway beckoning me constantly to check messages or just "really quick" finish up that design draft - I needed something to keep me out.  Ahhh, haaa ... so I made this super-cute little "Closed" banner to remind me that it's not workin' time - turn around and go play!

I still want to embellish it a little - some flowers here and there, maybe a little hand-glittering. Couldn't you just see a little "bride" banner, a fancy B or G for the bride and grooms reception chairs, birthday banners with the honoree's name ... aaaaaaa!  Adorable.  

Working on some fabulous stuff over the next two weeks ... holiday designs coming the first week of November, long awaited signature design line, banners, new table card ideas and more, more more!

Stay tuned ...

13 October 2009

SJD in the Spotlight } Real Weddings Magazine

One of my favorite magazines just featured little 'ol SJD on their blog.  All about inspiring peacock details ... read on.  

Thank you, thank you my friends over at Real Weddings Magazine - the love is eternally mutual. 

02 October 2009

Reception } Die Cut Table Cards

A follow-up my post on the candy labels (below) ... are the die cut table cards for tomorrow's wedding.  Super-cute!  They really make a plain panel table card really much more spectacular.  Just think - with another layer, maybe some ribbon, some even bling-ier bling and these babies could really go over the top.  And ... to peak your imagination ... I've got just about every shape and size imaginable to boot.  Maybe some scroll-y numbers, letters, mini banner shape ... I may have to play with these and post some samples!

And a tid bit about the monogram in the back.  I am obsessed with all things vintage lately - love these really flourished-out letters.  This "S" was originally designed as a monogram for another client and just didn't really fit their overall wedding style so we went in a different direction (super-cute! more from that wedding next weekend!).  I'll admit I was a little bummed because I really love this "S" and really wanted to use it on a stationery set - and then voila! wedding this weekend? sorta last minute order - and bam-o usin' the "S".