13 November 2009

Ramblings } Typical Workday

Soooo, what did you do last night??  Here's what 1 venti vanilla latte {at 9pm,}, 2 diet pepsi's {at midnight and 1am respectively} and a whole lotta pent-up creativity helped me accomplish last night.

Two cute {baby related} jobs needed to get out the door early today.  As a wife and mother to one little rambunctious 4 year old it is tough to find enough hours in the day to get everything on my to do list done - well done right anyway.  So, I get up at 5am daily to get 2 solid hours of work before everyone rises, there are 2 days a week where I have an additional 3 hours while the little one is at preschool, 1 solid all day workday when the hubby is home, a good 2 hours at night when the little one goes nite-nite and often that is just not enough.  Twice this week, I pulled all nighters to get my clients their uber-fabulous stationery into their hot little hands.  

Pictured above is what 50 baby announcements looks like all neatly stacked for drying.  Double matting, photo, ribbon, hand glittering, a crystal and a lot of time, patience and love went into these babies.  More pics of The Chiesa Family's baby announcements to come.

Up next } Job 2 of 2 from last night BUZZ-Worthy baby shower invites ...

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