29 December 2008

SJD Messages > Schedule

Back from a whirlwind Christmas vaca on Wednesday, December 31st and will return messages & emails then.


20 December 2008

Favz > Holiday Greetings

My friends, The Chiesa Family, just picked up their holiday cards yesterday.  Sarah couldn't decide which photos to use of her beautiful baby girl - so she had me create - not one, but two - holiday cards!  Fabulous.  The portraits were taken by my good friend Jessica Giblin of Jessica Giblin Photography.

I'm wrapping up a few other holiday card orders and will have more pics to publish soon!

Stay warm ...

13 December 2008

SJD Messages > Schedule for 12/13-14

Hello, all!  I will be out of the studio this weekend painting a mural for my niece.  Photos to come ... :)  I will have access to email and my cell - will be checking messages a few times a day.  Returning non-urgent messages on Monday.  Have a happy weekend!

11 December 2008

SJD Messages > Schedule

Just wanted to post a quick note about my schedule.  My work days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.  Most of you who know me - know that I usually answer my phone later in the evening - but I try to close up the studio around 5pm to share a meal with my family.  I prefer to book appointments on Mondays & Sundays - anytime day or evening.

I am off on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This is new.  I have finally realized that I am not a machine and need to rest my mind & body to be in tip-top creative shape.  I actually turn off my phone and check messages (both phone & email) once during those days.  It's a bit of a necessity to get that uninterrupted 1:1 time in with my family.  I return messages on the following work day.  

I'll also be posting messages/notes/updates to the blog under SJD Messages in the label section to the right >> so that you know the 411 24/7.  It's just the quickest and easiest way to get a note out to the masses.  Mostly quick notes like updates to my schedule, product availability, and the like.

Getting Mushy

Does everyone get mushy like me around the Holidays?  At the movies yesterday with my family, (we saw Bolt - super funny and a great pic for the whole family by the way) at the end of the movie I found myself blubbering like I don't even know what.  Earlier in the week, we rented Narnia: Prince Caspian (also a good family pic) and every time (I've tortured myself by watching it, and crying with it, three times!) the movie nears the end there's this song (I have to figure out what the name is) starts and the waterworks start.  My goodness - it's not even just movies a commercial can get me too!

Guess it's that I start thinking about everything all at once ... what am I making for dinner, ooo - have to grocery shop, finish up holiday shopping, get out the holiday cards, return phone calls, check email, finish that artwork, assemble those invites, did I send out all my estimates, did I figure out preschool for next week, am I getting enough sleep - no, I really want to see Twilight, am I heading in the right direction with my career, the weight of our country's economic woes, the fact that our Christmas will not be as grand as years past and more and more ... then (there's a glimmer of light) realize that I don't mind the previous list so much since really do have so much to be thankful for and just well up.  I really hope the tearing up goes away soon.  People may start to ask questions.  :)  Or maybe they're just thinking (ladies this is) that we really are all a lot more alike that we'd like to think.

I definitely am thankful - that is for sure.  To my past, present and future clients ... thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to create the first glimpse into your most special events.  I am blessed to have worked with wonderful brides, businesses and families thought out my 6 year stretch as a business owner/graphic designer and really do love every crazy moment of it.  My growing business would not be possible with out ya'll!!

The pic above is from my annual holiday photo shoot with the two men in my life.  Oooo, they are so cute.  Without their love and support (along with the rest of my family), I wouldn't make it through a week.

I talk a a lot throughout my blog about my friends at The Memory Journalists and this year we were honored to have two photographers from the studio shoot our family pics.  We sorta felt like we were being stalked by the paparazzi for the afternoon - and loved it.  We do enjoy hamming it up for the camera.  :)  I have been blessed not only with great clients throughout the years, but have formed lasting friendships with colleagues through projects in the wedding & event industry.  Thank you to you all (ya'll know who you are!) for being a great source of inspiration and support!  

I know that all seems just a little disjointed - sort of rambling a little but I hope the message is clear - Thank you, everyone for everything you do to make my life a little sweeter.  Cheers!

01 December 2008

Press > Real Weddings Sacramento

The new issue of Real Weddings Sacramento (formerly Sierra Wedding Style) hit the newsstands last week and my designs were featured in the Style Files.  Yippee!!  

On the left hand side of the page; top row: all three "Laine & Joe" 5x5 Z-Fold invitations, Second row (issue with photo 3 and more on that below ...); third row (l to r): (photo 1) Tsakopoulos Library Galleria photo shoot hand glittered place cards and (photo 3) "Megan & Peter" 5x7 panel invitations; fourth row (l to r): (photo 1) Tsakopoulos Library Galleria photo shoot silk boxed invitation and (photo 2) "Amanda & Richard" 5x5 panel invitations.

Now for the annoying news ... the photograph in the magazine in the second row (photo 3) was a bit of a unwanted surprise.  The border (and a few other elements) in the program photo are original designs, by me.  But I didn't produce those programs.  Yeah.  Design thieved (above a photo of my original design).  Upon some investigation I figured out who lifted my original artwork (the iron-like border).  Not so nice.  My advice to anyone looking for custom design (1) pay for it and (2) if you're hiring a designer - make sure you are getting an original and not a ripped off imitation.

On a side note ... totally not the fault of the mag or photog simply a crazy coincidence that the pilfered artwork showed up next to some of my work.  Hello!  Karma at it's finest.

Holiday > Favorites

One of my favorite holiday designs last year was for the Hewitt Family.  Their invitation suite was a three holiday greeting - holiday card, new address announcement and housewarming party invite all wrapped up into one.  

Instead of traditional greens, reds and the like, we opted to used colors from their new ranch home - warm browns, antique golds, spicy curry yellow and fiery copper.  To bring in the holiday feel - I hand glittered - uh - nearly a thousand little snowflakes.  My house and studio were gilded to say the least.  :)  

The invitation suite was a 7x7 pocket fold, double matte family photo on the front panel, single matte holiday housewarming panel, gilded snowflakes, single matte photo of the girls, six layer invitation panel (yeoweee!), direction panel, accommodation panel, reply card, reply envelope and custom outside envelope.  It was a flurry of work here the week before Christmas last year getting these babies ready for delivery.

The Hewitt's have become dear friends of mine and I'm looking forward to more special greetings & invites!!  
Happy Holidays to all!!

25 November 2008

Holiday > Availability

Just wanted to put a quick note that I will be busy, busy prepping (11/25-26) for the big Thanksgiving Day feast on Thursday and enjoying a little vacation time with my family.  I will be checking email and voicemail periodically - and will return non-urgent messages on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

23 November 2008

Real Wedding > Megan & Peter

Meet Megan and Peter.  Their wedding took place in Angwin, California at Megan's uncles winery, Robert Foley Vineyards on August 9th, 2008.  The day was captured in photography by the talented team of Artistic Imagery, Amber & Alan.  If I could put all the photos they so expertly took - I would.  The cellar photos are simply breathtaking.

If there is any couple I have worked with in the last 6 years that I connected with on just about every level - it was Megan & Peter.  From their wedding to tattoos - I think we just about covered it all!  Their vision was clean and crisp with a Rock-a-billy attitude.  

Their invitation was a 5x7 panel design, double matte invitation of black linen and classic white - three layers all together, enclosures secured to the back with a bandwrap, grosgrain ribbon & monogram panel, directions, accommodation info and reply postcard.  The table cards were 5x7 single matte in black linen, table name printed on classic white and double sided so that guests could see the table name from any direction. The thank you notes were printed with their custom monogram on classic white 4x5 notecards with matching classic white envelopes.

Thank you, Megan and Peter for trusting me and allowing me to share in your special day!

Photo courtesy of: Artistic Imagery.

Personality > Maps

Boy!  I didn't realize I had so much to say this morning!  Tee, hee, hee.  Custom maps - fabulous way to inject some personality into your invites - it's those extra little touches that make your invite suite truly personal & unique.  Size and shape of the maps depend largely on the location of you event and the paper size we're working with.  I like to show the ceremony & reception locations in relation to each other - giving your guests their bearings.  Usually, I then give turn-by-turn directions from the ceremony to the reception.  But this all depends on your event and the event locations.  Custom maps are $100, plus printing & sales tax. 

Freebie > Thank You Notes

Did you know ... I include coordinating thank you notes with all my custom invitation orders?  It's my little thank you for ordering from Stephanie J Designs.  You get the same number of free thank you notes as the number of invitations ordered - order 100 invitations and get 100 thank you notes.

Etiquette Tip > Mail thank you notes within 1 month of receiving a gift - the sooner the better - but 1 month is the longest you should put it off.

Favz > Dynamite Weddings

Checked out Dynamite Weddings yet?  Dynamite has a website and blog that are fabulous.  My friends at Dynamite are super bloggers on TNT (Tips N Trends) bringing you the who's who and what's what about weddings right now.  On the Dynamite website you'll find the details on the who's who to make your dynamite event come true.  Yours truly is listed among the best in the biz!

I've had the privilege of designing the logos & a few invites for the Dynamite team and can't wait for the next project!

Wedding > Fan Programs

Hot summer wedding??  Fan programs are perfect.  They serve as a nice touch on seating at the ceremony, provide an overview of the ceremony, a listing of the bridal party & processional (on reverse) and serve as a keepsake for your guests.  Remember that not everyone will take a fan/program - I usually recommend counting up all the women, plus 15%.  Example: If you have 100 guests, 75 are women - order about 85.  Fan programs range from $5-15 each depending on quantity and embellishments.

Kidz > Merry, Merry First Birthday

Been super-busy with invites and it's been a month now since my last post!!  Yikes.  I had to put up these first birthday invites - they came out super cute.  Not sure if you can see in the photographs but the icing on the ginger-girl is hand glued and glittered.  Very time consuming - but the effect is sooo worth it!

The invitation is a 7x7 square, triple matte plus the invitation layer - 4 layers in all, hand glittering, Swarovski crystal, flat satin bow, custom printed envelope liner, classic & metallic papers and a custom printed envelope.  Wow-y!!  

This set of 25 ran: $15 each (plus sales tax and custom design fee of $85 for celebrations).  Assemble it yourself and save more!  I offer incremental discounts on all invitation packages, too.  100+ = 5%, 150+ = 10%, 200+ = 15%, 500+ = 20% and DIY (Do It Yourself) = 25%.  Savings may appear even greater (on your invoice) than the incremental percentage since with custom printing there are charges at the printer that are incurred on each order. 

This little invite posting is a reminder, too!  The holidays are right around the corner ... order your holiday greetings now to ensure timely delivery.  There are several signature designs for this year >>> look over to the menu on the right under HOLIDAY or we can create one uniquely you!!

You'll want to mail your holiday greetings to family and friends by the week of December 15th.  If (you're like most of us) and wait until the last minute ... you can create a Happy New Years type greeting.  If that is the case - those should go out the week of (or immediately following) Christmas.  In any case, I'm booking up, so don't delay!!!

17 October 2008

Holiday > Happy, Happy New Year

At last!  Final of the Signature Holiday Collection - the 3.5x5 Happy, Happy New Year Signature Gate Fold Design.  I have materials on the way for this design as well.  As soon as they arrive I will post a photo of the design so that you can see the texture of the paper, ribbon & crystal buckle.  For now you can click the link above to view a digital rendition and pricing information.

Ordering & Proofing Schedule
  • Accepting Orders > October 13th through November 10th
  • Rush Orders > Orders received after November 10th are subject to a 15% Rush Charge
  • Order Early Special > 10% off on orders placed before October 27th
  • Digital Proofs > Provided within 48 hours of receiving your photo
  • Invoices > Digital invoices will be emailed within 48 hours of placing your order
  • Payments > Due upon receipt of invoice
  • Payment Types > SJD accepts cash, check and credit cards via PayPal

How to Order
  • Call 916.257.1641 or email (stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com) 
  • Provide contact information: name (first and last), shipping address, phone number and email
  • Provide style name
  • Pricing for the photo cards is listed on the style sheet: Happy, Happy New Year Gate Fold Design

  • Happy, Happy New Year Gate Fold Design > Optional Photo Watermark, Family Message & Signature Line

16 October 2008

Holiday > HollyDaze Design

New Design!  This is the 3.5x5 HollyDaze Signature Portable Pocket Design.  I have materials on the way and as soon as they arrive I will post an actual photo of the design so that you can see the texture of the paper, ribbon & crystals.  For now you can click the link above to view a digital rendition and pricing information.

One more holiday design on it's way ... it'll be a 3.5x5 Gate Fold Design with a striking Black, Pyrite and Red color palette.

Ordering & Proofing Schedule
  • Accepting Orders > October 13th through November 10th
  • Rush Orders > Orders received after November 10th are subject to a 15% Rush Charge
  • Order Early Special > 10% off on orders placed before October 27th
  • Digital Proofs > Provided within 48 hours of receiving your photo
  • Invoices > Digital invoices will be emailed within 48 hours of placing your order
  • Payments > Due upon receipt of invoice
  • Payment Types > SJD accepts cash, check and credit cards via PayPal

How to Order
  • Call 916.257.1641 or email (stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com) 
  • Provide contact information: name (first and last), shipping address, phone number and email
  • Provide style name
  • Pricing for the photo cards is listed on the style sheet: HollyDaze Portable Pocket Design

  • HollyDaze Portable Pocket Design > Family Message & Signature Line

13 October 2008

Holiday > Photo Cards

They're here!  This is the first of two signature holiday releases.  First, the photo cards.  Something unique with that little SJD twist - but still won't pack a serious punch on your pocket book.  Tomorrow, I'm posting the designs for the Signature Portable Pocket and Gate Fold designs.  As always, I can still create a holiday card that is unique to just you and your family.  These signature designs were created to save you on the design fee that comes with a uniquely you design concept.

There are two signature photo card designs available - Holiday Ornaments and Holiday Family Crest.  Clicking on either of the signature design links will take you to a style sheet that shows a Portrait & Landscape version of each - as well as three color concepts for each of the signature designs (the documents are also available to your right > listed under the header { HOLIDAY }.  The photo cards are 5x7 printed on glossy high-quality photo stock and include a coordinating color envelope with your printed return address on the back flap.  Below is my holiday ordering schedule, deadlines, delivery weeks for holiday orders and how to place an order.  

The crest option is named Holiday Family Crest but you can alter the text inside the crest - so it really works well for anyone sending the greeting.  Say a business name, a couple, your pets ... whatever!

Ordering & Proofing Schedule
  • Accepting Orders > October 13th through November 10th
  • Rush Orders > Orders received after November 10th are subject to a 15% Rush Charge
  • Order Early Special > 10% off on orders placed before October 27th
  • Digital Proofs > Provided within 48 hours of receiving your photo
  • Invoices > Digital invoices will be emailed within 48 hours of placing your order
  • Payments > Due upon receipt of invoice
  • Payment Types > SJD accepts cash, check and credit cards via PayPal

How to Order
  • Call 916.257.1641 or email (stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com) 
  • Provide contact information: name (first and last), shipping address, phone number and email
  • Provide style name, orientation (portrait or landscape), color palette and quantity
  • Email photos to stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com
  • Photos must be at 300dpi and minimum of 6" x 6"
  • Pricing for the photo cards is listed on the style sheets: Holiday Ornaments & Holiday Family Crest

  • Holiday Ornament-Portrait > Color Palette, Photo, Family Message & Signature Line
  • Holiday Ornament-Landscape > Color Palette, Photo & Signature Line
  • Holiday Family Crest-Portrait > Color Palette, Photo, Crest & Family message
  • Holiday Family Crest-Landscape > Color Palette, Photo & Crest

Enjoy these first two photo card designs and I'll be back tomorrow with some fancy-schmancy ones!!

06 October 2008

Holiday > New Designs

OMG.  It's been crazy busy.  I wanted to put a little teaser out there > I will be announcing a signature holiday line next Monday, October 13th!  There are 2 5x7 photo card designs, 1 3.5x5 portable pocket design and 1 3.5x5 gate fold design.  Ooo, I am so excited to share them with everyone!!

I will also be running a early bird holiday special > order before November 10th to receive 10% off.

17 September 2008

Thinking Green

I get lots of inquires about what products I offer that are a little more "green".  Which has lead me, in recent months, to research my suppliers and take steps here at the studio to make greener choices.  Some findings from my research is detailed below.

Paper - all the paper products I use consist, at a minimum, of 30% post consumer fiber and the two classic papers I use most often are now available at 100% post consumer fiber.  The same paper mill that manufactures the fine papers using 100% post consumer fiber has contracted to convert wood and fiber waste into steam energy to power its largest fine paper mill. Here at the studio, I recycle all my paper scraps that are smaller than 3x2 and keep scraps larger than 3x2 for giveaway swatch samples.

Printing - is all together a different monster.  While there are more eco-friendly options like soy based inks, waterless printing and vegetable oil based inks they tend to be pricey and not all together accessible everywhere and/or pertinent to every printing situation.  Where offset and digital printing still remain in high demand (due to their cost effectiveness) - I am elated to see that my letterpress suppliers offer soy based ink options are nearly the same as the traditional petroleum basked ink rates.  

All of my printing suppliers recycle 100% of their paper waste.  One printing supplier is in the works to convert the print shop to run on 100% wind generated energy.  A large step in reducing printing impacts on the environment is to simply print less.  That is where design can come into play - can you get all the information you need into less printed pieces?  Then do it.  No need to print more - just to print more.

Embellishments - Midori, the ribbon manufacturer I use has taken green throughout the organization.  Many employees bike or carpool to work, participate in a project to conserve 20 acres of conifer forest in the Pacific Northwest, electronic newsletters and marketing programs and many, many, more eco-efforts.

What I was surprised to see is that none of my suppliers are ignoring the environment or their impact on it.  Where changes, however small, can me made they've been done and larger projects, however daunting they may seem, are being scoped out and planned for.

While I love email and electronic messaging I would never want to see a day where there is no paper - just save
those paper moments for when they really count. 

Photo courtesy of: The Memory Journalists 

Blue Hawk

Just had to share a photo of my son, Wyatt, as he took a break rolling on the grass at our friend's wedding rehearsal last Friday nite.  He was so proud of his blue faux-hawk.  

More photos and features of our friend's, Christina & Jason, wedding coming soon!

04 September 2008

Tip > Table Cards

OMG!  I love how Megan & Peter's table cards came out!  I can't wait to get the photos processed of their entire wedding suite to share.  I absolutely had to post this photo of the their table cards all stacked up and ready to go. 

They selected names of "things" (cities, places, dates, etc.) that were meaningful to them as their table numbers.  I love that idea and it's a great alternative to just numbering the tables.  You could even take the naming a step further and do a double sided table card with the "name" on one side and a description of why that name is significant to you and your beloved.  Giving your guests some great conversation material while they're waiting for the party to get started.

A few more tips ... keep table cards large enough to read but small enough not to compete with other table decor, decide whether you will need a stand/holder for your table cards or if you want them designed like a tent to stand on their own prior to ordering and have fun with them!

03 September 2008

Backyard > Just Breathe

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it does a mind and body good to take in a deep breath and just "be" every now and again and explore your own backyard.  Probably best to do the "being" thing more often than not.  There is nothing I love more than exploring our backyard with my 3.5 year old son, Wyatt.  Seeing things through his eyes makes me feel like a kid again.  

Yesterday, we found our Magnolia tree slowly opening a new bloom ... we waited and waited until it was nearly finished opening to take the great shot above.  Later that same day we went to our favorite nursery in Roseville - Green Acres - to buy some ladybugs to release into the yard.  Wyatt loves to release them (and I have to admit I really do too!!), have 'em crawl on our fingers and watch them as they too explore our backyard.

We have lots of flying visitors, too in our yard and I have yet to capture the perfect hummingbird shot ... as soon as I do I'll be posting it for all to enjoy!  

Shows > Bridal Expo

Show Note for Saturday, September 13th
Bridal Expo at Sunrise Mall is coming up fast!  The show takes place over two days - Saturday, September 13th (9-10p) and Sunday, September 14th (11-6p). For more information visit Bridal Expo online.

I am in a wedding on September, 13th and my booth will be covered by Elizabeth, a wedding planner & affliate of AFWPI (Bridal Expo's show promoter).  Elizabeth will be able to hand out materials, samples and answer basic questions about Stephanie J Designs products and services. 

If you are interested in detailed information about SJD products & services, (or if you just wanna meet me!!) I will be at the show all day on Sunday, September 14th.

I'll be fresh off an evening of bridesmaid duties!!  Wish me luck. {smile!}

31 August 2008

Tip > Reply Cards

Designing, stuffing, mailing ... oh, my.  The last thing you want to do when you start receiving replies back is worrying about who's reply is who's.  The ever faithful M____________ line is where your guests should write in their names ... or provide a return address on the back flap of the reply envelope.  But this is not always the case.  One quick step can save you hours worth of detective work.  

Set yourself up a spreadsheet or word-processing document numbering all of your addresses - then simply number (somewhere inconspicuous - like the back corner) all your reply cards - making sure to carefully match up the corresponding number to the corresponding address when it comes time to mail.  So that when Uncle Fred & Aunt Sally forget to write in their names and supply a return address on the reply envelope - you know to check them off the list.  Hello!  Genius. 

26 August 2008

Special > Save the Dates

Gearing up for next year nuptials?  Save 15% (on the subtotal before applicable sales taxes & design fees) on Save the Dates when you book your order from 8.25.2008 through 9.26.2008.  

25 August 2008

Movin' In!

Oh, man ... it has been a while since my last post!  Busy, busy.  Lots going on and some great news to share.  This week, together with my friends (Blooms and PLUSH),  I'm moving into a quaint studio space in Lincoln.  The three of us are beyond excited to be out of our home, local coffee house or restaurant to meet clients.  I'll post photos from the move-in this week.  We've also created a sort of gateway to our shared space online at throwasoiree.com.

A little about my office mates ... Blooms is Blooms by Martha Andrews an amazing floral designer specializing in premier weddings & events.  Her work has been featured in numerous local wedding magazines and some incredible national magazines.  I had the pleasure of working with Martha on the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria Open House and Photo Shoot back in July. Martha is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to couture floral design.  Her design work is captivating and beautiful without an ounce of pretentiousness. 

PLUSH is owned by the ever fabulous and detail driven Michaela Rodgers.  Michaela is your girl if you're out of your element planning a big bash.  From planning an event from beginning to end or handling the day of details she's got it covered.  Not to mention a design eye that is fashion forward ... putting just the right touches on the big details and the teeniest of the tiny ones.

I can't wait to join my office mates and see what crazy new adventures the next few months will bring!

16 July 2008

Real Wedding > Katie & Chris

Katie & Chris' Maui themed wedding was flush with bright oranges, lime greens, earthy dark brown and a full palette of bright tropical colors.  Color was the key inspiration of their save the date and invitation.

The wedding took place on the island of Maui with an intimate gathering of family and friends on August 21st.  Just eight days later on the 29th they held a grand reception at Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln, California.

Don't you just love Katie's shoes?!  I absolutely adore the bright pop of color she included with her shoes - they serve as a little surprise and really show her personality.

Congratulations, Katie & Chris! 

Wedding day photography courtesy of Stephen Ludwig Photography

15 July 2008


So ... I love iced tea and especially when we're smack-dab in the middle of the hot, hot summer months here in Sacramento.  I have had a difficult time finding a tea that is not bitter or has a funky sorta after taste.  I want a tea that is crystal clear and doesn't need to be sweetened.  Found it!  Luzianne tea is it!  It is made especially for iced tea and one tea bag makes a quart (quart=4 cups - I had to look it up so thought I'd share!).  

Purchase directly from Luzianne.  Oh, so fabulous.

Photo courtesy of Art.com.

11 July 2008

Lift Off

The long awaited launch of my new website ... yeehoo!  It's finally up!  I'm really pleased with the design and navigation and hope that you find it just as user friendly.  The color scheme is quite a change from the last site, but much more in line with my design philosophy overall.  I like to keep things warm & simple - then play with vibrant pops of color.  It is by all means a work in progress.  I have tons of gallery images still to post and am working on the numerous resource documents for "the library".  I'll have updates to post weekly, here on the blog, to notify everyone of site updates.

A little about what's new - the greatest change to the site is what I call "the library" - I wanted to create a resource page with design samples, paper selections, fonts, wording, you name it.  My intention is for "the library" to help jump start the creative process by allowing clients to browse and inform themselves with the available materials, embellishments and design elements at their leisure.  

Quality photography was extremely important to me this go round with my site.  I really wanted to show the texture and depth of my designs - as well as the sparkle in the crystals/papers as best as I could.  A lot of the photos I took myself - since I love the art of photography.  There are a great number of photos that my good friends at The Memory Journalists shot for me.  I am so grateful for their creative eye and attention to detail.  See some of their work above and throughout the website.

It's 235am and I need to wrap it up for the night.  TTFN.