19 February 2010

Ramblings } To DIY or Not to DIY?

What was that? You've got oodles of time, nothing to do, no other planning, details, appointments or phone calls to make? Well, heck yea ... guess I would want to hand-craft my wedding invitations, too! It sure seems like a good idea until you're right in the middle of the fray frantically ordering paper, printing, cutting, assembling and trying to make the 5pm Post Office cut off time, because it wasn't as easy or quick as it all seemed initially.

There are only a few times in your life that you will order custom stationery, and your wedding is one of them. It is the only printed {well, beautifully printed} record of the day you excitedly said, "I DO!". The other icky document you get is the oh, so, official form your witnesses get to sign. Ewww. Unless of course you have your designer create an oh, so, fab document for your witnesses to sign ... that perfectly matches your wedding papery suite. Idea!

Of course, I am soooo beyond biased on this subject because I live and breathe the custom papery biz. To me ... truly, there is nothing like receiving a thoughtful, finely detailed, hand-crafted invitation or greeting in the mail. It's like a shiny little beacon amidst the junk mail, bills and coupons littering the mailbox. Love!

So, I say this ... if you insist on having a {literal} hand in your own wedding papery ... check with your paperies! Most offer design only services, DIY options, full design & assembly options ... they may just not list a whole long sorted tale about every service they perform. Save a little and do some of the manual labor or go all out and pamper yourself with a papery suite fit for a princess.

Remember, a custom papery is not only a supplier of materials & embellishments but a specialist in the art of invitation design and etiquette. And {while I'm thinking of it} an important note: No two paperies are alike ... what is crafted by one persons hand cannot be crafted the same by another's. Ahhhh, so true. {thinking ...}

Now, go forth! Find a papery you love, trust in their proven abilities and play with your wedding papery!

It's a rambl-y kinda day, my friends ...

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