01 December 2008

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The new issue of Real Weddings Sacramento (formerly Sierra Wedding Style) hit the newsstands last week and my designs were featured in the Style Files.  Yippee!!  

On the left hand side of the page; top row: all three "Laine & Joe" 5x5 Z-Fold invitations, Second row (issue with photo 3 and more on that below ...); third row (l to r): (photo 1) Tsakopoulos Library Galleria photo shoot hand glittered place cards and (photo 3) "Megan & Peter" 5x7 panel invitations; fourth row (l to r): (photo 1) Tsakopoulos Library Galleria photo shoot silk boxed invitation and (photo 2) "Amanda & Richard" 5x5 panel invitations.

Now for the annoying news ... the photograph in the magazine in the second row (photo 3) was a bit of a unwanted surprise.  The border (and a few other elements) in the program photo are original designs, by me.  But I didn't produce those programs.  Yeah.  Design thieved (above a photo of my original design).  Upon some investigation I figured out who lifted my original artwork (the iron-like border).  Not so nice.  My advice to anyone looking for custom design (1) pay for it and (2) if you're hiring a designer - make sure you are getting an original and not a ripped off imitation.

On a side note ... totally not the fault of the mag or photog simply a crazy coincidence that the pilfered artwork showed up next to some of my work.  Hello!  Karma at it's finest.

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