03 September 2008

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Show Note for Saturday, September 13th
Bridal Expo at Sunrise Mall is coming up fast!  The show takes place over two days - Saturday, September 13th (9-10p) and Sunday, September 14th (11-6p). For more information visit Bridal Expo online.

I am in a wedding on September, 13th and my booth will be covered by Elizabeth, a wedding planner & affliate of AFWPI (Bridal Expo's show promoter).  Elizabeth will be able to hand out materials, samples and answer basic questions about Stephanie J Designs products and services. 

If you are interested in detailed information about SJD products & services, (or if you just wanna meet me!!) I will be at the show all day on Sunday, September 14th.

I'll be fresh off an evening of bridesmaid duties!!  Wish me luck. {smile!}

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