04 September 2008

Tip > Table Cards

OMG!  I love how Megan & Peter's table cards came out!  I can't wait to get the photos processed of their entire wedding suite to share.  I absolutely had to post this photo of the their table cards all stacked up and ready to go. 

They selected names of "things" (cities, places, dates, etc.) that were meaningful to them as their table numbers.  I love that idea and it's a great alternative to just numbering the tables.  You could even take the naming a step further and do a double sided table card with the "name" on one side and a description of why that name is significant to you and your beloved.  Giving your guests some great conversation material while they're waiting for the party to get started.

A few more tips ... keep table cards large enough to read but small enough not to compete with other table decor, decide whether you will need a stand/holder for your table cards or if you want them designed like a tent to stand on their own prior to ordering and have fun with them!

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