03 September 2008

Backyard > Just Breathe

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it does a mind and body good to take in a deep breath and just "be" every now and again and explore your own backyard.  Probably best to do the "being" thing more often than not.  There is nothing I love more than exploring our backyard with my 3.5 year old son, Wyatt.  Seeing things through his eyes makes me feel like a kid again.  

Yesterday, we found our Magnolia tree slowly opening a new bloom ... we waited and waited until it was nearly finished opening to take the great shot above.  Later that same day we went to our favorite nursery in Roseville - Green Acres - to buy some ladybugs to release into the yard.  Wyatt loves to release them (and I have to admit I really do too!!), have 'em crawl on our fingers and watch them as they too explore our backyard.

We have lots of flying visitors, too in our yard and I have yet to capture the perfect hummingbird shot ... as soon as I do I'll be posting it for all to enjoy!  

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