21 September 2010

Monograms } How to Build Initials

Quickie post! Lot's of questions pour in here about monograms. What is traditional? What is modern? What initials go where?

Here's a few tips that I hope will help!

Wedding Traditional Approach:
Use only your single first initials on pre-ceremony stationery
Use your new married single initial or 3 letter initials in post-ceremony stationery

Wedding Modern Approach:
Anything goes!
Use your new 3 initial married monogram
Use your new single married last name initial
Use your first initials

What goes where?
Unmarried Stationery
Jill Anne Smith = J, JAS, JS -or- JSA
Eve Marie DuPont = E, EMDP -or- EDPM
Rob Michael Davis = R, RMD -or- RDM

Married Stationery
Jill Anne Smith Davis = J, JSD -or- JDA
Rob Michael Davis = R, RMD, RDM
Jill and Rob Davis = D, JR -or- JDR

Hyphenated names get tricky ... if you have questions on those feel free to email us at stephanie@stephaniejdesigns.com!

Happy Monogramming ...

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