21 September 2010

Branding } District 605 - A Hair Boutique

Realized this morning that I have never shared any of our branding projects on the SJD blog! Oh, so sad too ... since there were quite a few fun branding projects this year.

So an inaugural post on branding it is ... hot off the digital design presses!

What makes this project so much fun is that it is for one of my high school friends from back in the day, Jamee. Jamee just completed renovations and opened her fab new salon in Historic Folsom {returning back to the city of our Bulldog days at FHS!!}.

Think Anthropologie, monochromatics, vintage bottle labels and a twist of whimsy and you've got the District 605 branding concept. Can't wait to work with Jamee on biz cards and collateral pieces!!

Need yourself glam-a-fied ... visit the chics at District 605 on Facebook!

District 605
605 Sutter Street
Folsom, California

1 comment:

  1. Love this logo! How can I not love the crowns! Too cute, great work!