22 September 2010

Branding } Fancy Pants Weddings

Super-fun logo project to share from earlier this year! My friend and wedding peer, Shannon with Flourish, started a new wedding blog for the oh-so-sassy Northern California bride called Fancy Pants Weddings.

Shannon is a {beyond} talented floral designer with, like, a billion years of experience and trillions of weddings & events behind her {a little exaggeration couldn't hurt} .... so a chick like her has seen and heard it all! Top that off with a splash of Journalism experience and Fancy Pants Weddings is definitely a fun read.

Shannon wanted a fun, flirty and bright palette for her branding style and logo. We created her alter-ego Judy to be the voice of Fancy Pants. A funny tidbit ... Judy got her name because the first drawing I did of her ... according to Shannon the hair looked a little "Judy Jetson" ... LOL! ... she was right and the name {not the hair} stuck!

Looking forward to watching Shannon's new baby grow and well ... Flourish!!

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  1. You are so fab! Thanks for the write up Stef! And I will work on the badges. :)