22 July 2009

Boxed Up! > Super-cute Baby Shower Invites

Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!  This baby shower invitation was for my good friends, (first time mom-to-be) Jacqueline and (grandma-to-be) Pamela this abso-fricken-lutely adorable invitation was a tad over the top - but after all that's how we roll.  This is what happens when I'm set free to create as I please.  Tee, hee, hee.  

After a little brainstorming session for a shower theme that was a little different from the ordinary - we settled on an Alice in Wonderland inspired "Un-birthday Party" theme.  The invitations would be whimsical, story book-ish and set the perfect tone for the grand soiree.  

A bright pink box, roughly tied ribbons, antique gold accents, all highlighted with pinks/limey green/mustard yellow/coral-y orange and tiffany blue throughout.  Adorable!  It's a little hard to see from the pics, but the boxes were lined with bright green moss.  And a sparkly little butterfly to top it all off.

These babies just went out to guests and I am loving hearing about all their comments!  Expect a post towards the end of August sharing pics from the party.

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  1. Those are amazing!!! I love them!! You are so good at what you do Stephanie!