11 July 2008

Lift Off

The long awaited launch of my new website ... yeehoo!  It's finally up!  I'm really pleased with the design and navigation and hope that you find it just as user friendly.  The color scheme is quite a change from the last site, but much more in line with my design philosophy overall.  I like to keep things warm & simple - then play with vibrant pops of color.  It is by all means a work in progress.  I have tons of gallery images still to post and am working on the numerous resource documents for "the library".  I'll have updates to post weekly, here on the blog, to notify everyone of site updates.

A little about what's new - the greatest change to the site is what I call "the library" - I wanted to create a resource page with design samples, paper selections, fonts, wording, you name it.  My intention is for "the library" to help jump start the creative process by allowing clients to browse and inform themselves with the available materials, embellishments and design elements at their leisure.  

Quality photography was extremely important to me this go round with my site.  I really wanted to show the texture and depth of my designs - as well as the sparkle in the crystals/papers as best as I could.  A lot of the photos I took myself - since I love the art of photography.  There are a great number of photos that my good friends at The Memory Journalists shot for me.  I am so grateful for their creative eye and attention to detail.  See some of their work above and throughout the website.

It's 235am and I need to wrap it up for the night.  TTFN.

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  1. It's aBlog Time! :-) I love your new site Stef! Great job. And keep up the bloggin....I'll be a reader!