10 July 2008

It's aBlog Time!

I'm creating this blog to keep everyone up to date on the day to day going's on with my little family & the roller coaster ride which is my custom stationery business, Stephanie J Designs.  I truly hope that you all look forward to new entries, share and enjoy my little writings.

I just did a little photo shoot here at the house last week of some invitations from last year and early this year.  Yes, that's right - invites from from last year.  I think I even have a few from late 2006 I never took photos of!  I barely have time to sleep let alone take photos of my invites.  I have so many more to go ... but loved how these turned out from last week and had to share. 

Meet Laine & Joe Alves' wedding invitation.  Designed using their color theme of turquoise, antique gold and bronze - with rich texture and color it is really striking in person.  And as a couple they are super sweet and a pleasure to work with.

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