10 January 2011

Schedule } Ready for the New Year!

I'm back from holiday break and super-excited for what Twenty Eleven has in store! New clients, new projects ... and a fresh new outlook is all a paper girl could ask for.

A few photos to share this morning! I created some super-cute tags over the weekend for our good friends Rebecca & Hector over at Sweet Cakes by Rebecca for her sweet-tastic candy & dessert buffet at the Premier Wedding Show at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa yesterday January 9th.

Cheers to a New Year!


  1. I stumbled across your work a few months ago, and have to tell you. I love it! I look forward to your blog posts!

  2. Thanks bunches!! Sometimes I feel like I'm posting to myself ... sooo great to get comments ... that way I know there is someone out there enjoying my writings!!

  3. Yes! I love your blog posts and your work. I wish I could see more!! Phenomenal.. You are NOT talking to yourself!