23 November 2010

Recent Creations } Celebrating Love Abroad

Sometimes ... I have to wait a whole year before I can share what I've been working on!! And that can be realllllly difficult for someone who isn't all that great with waiting to share my day-to-day design projects. Don't want to give away dates, details & locations before my clients big days take place!

That brings us to this little invitation! When Marianne contacted me from {literally!} the other side of the world to create her wedding day invitations I was thrilled! She was referred to me by one of my clients from 2009 that had nuptials in India. Love, love, love working with clients abroad! Definitely gives you some perspective when you're working on a map detailing the Indian Ocean, Paris, Madagascar to name a few - the world is much, much grander than my little bubble of Northern California.

For Marianne and Olivier it was a merging of France & Egypt ... they were looking for something to bring together their origins and how they got to where they are today. Thus, an emotional map of sorts! Taking guests on a little tour of where they were each born, grew up, went off to school, where they met, where Olivier proposed, etc. ... all the way to where the wedding would be held.

And ... I got to stretch my 4 years of high school French {with a lot of help from Olivier}!! Because the invitations were made in English and French. Soooo much fun!

Congrats Marianne & Olivier!!

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