28 January 2010

Recent Creations } Ashika & Jim's Fluttery Invites

Yes, yes ... I have been completely MIA with my blog posts and my new website is still not finished.  Aaaaah, the joys of being able to do my own design work - not so fab all the time.  Soon, soon ... I promise.  Finally have the layout and concept all laid out ... now the implementation process begins.  Hoping to launch next week!  I am so excited about it and hope that you enjoy the new look and features as much as I do.  :)

Websites are not the only things being worked on over here!  Lots, and lots o' new invites and wedding papery are making their way out the doors for my May brides!!!  

Recently delivered these blue beauties to Ashika & Jim for their May wedding.  So adorable.  I was thrilled to work with this blue color palette.  Butterflies took main stage on these babies and I can't wait to share the custom die-cut butterfly escort cards that have been created for the big day!!!  And the custom envelope liner - I am all about liners this year.  Love 'em.

Congratulations Ashika & Jim!!!


  1. Can't wait for you to see the picture of your invite for NJ's wedding and my cake inspired by it.... AWESOME!