15 April 2009

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Photography business on the horizon?  Not likely.  I do love photography and would really like to keep it as my hobby - a way to relax, unwind and be purely creative.  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my (well, sort of) niece's senior portraits a few weeks ago in Old Sacramento (the very same night I realized that I was coming down with chicken pox!).

Without going into a long story - I have known Ashli since the day she was born (and, yes, that makes me feel old) and am thrilled to see her grow into the creative, passionate, responsible young lady she is today.  Ashli is also my son's "numero uno" kidsitter and my occasional assistant around the studio.  I am so excited for her as she takes the next steps in her life when she graduates from high school this year.

Happy Graduation, Ash!!

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