27 January 2009

Tip > Spend Wisely

Being smart about how you're spending your wedding dinero - doesn't mean that you are being cheap.  It's definitely human nature to want the best.  Hello!  I design myself into a labor intensive nightmare with my son's birthday invitations every year (note: pics coming soon .. tee, hee, hee).  

Follow me through this scenario ... Take the above invitation, Megan and Peter's wedding ensemble was everything they wanted in design, style and presentation.  Being smart meant we looked at their budget FIRST and designed from there.  If you are looking to be smart about spending, you can and still end up with a fabulous custom invitation.  It's really about what you actually need vs. want - in a word flexibility.  (Wouldn't it be nice if all things in life were as simple as stationery??)  Ask yourself, do I really need printed directions?  Do I really need this or that or is it more a luxury I'm willing to compromise on?

Although the invitation above looks simple enough, there were still opportunities to pare it down.  By removing all the extra enclosures attached to the back and sticking simply with the invitation & reply (with envelopes).  That's were the flexibility comes in.  You can start a free -or- inexpensive wedding website and list all the accommodation, direction and any other details there.  You may need one extra little card at minimal cost to direct guest to the website - but it's certainly a lot less costly than a multitude of panels with your invite.  

A word of warning ... don't include home printed directions or scissor cut papers with extra info that do not directly coordinate with your professionally printed invitations ... it looks really tacky and they stick out like a sore thumb.  Not a great first impression to one of the biggest days of your life.  Remember, your invitation is a keepsake for you just as much as an announcement to your guests - the invitation is the only professionally printed stationery you'll have to remember the day - other than the lovely state documented marriage license.

Back to business ...today, the pared down version breaks down to the following:

Invitations (100):
5x7 -or- 5x5 Panel Design
Double Matte Invitation Panel
Mix & Match Metallic or Matte Papers
3.5x5 Reply with Envelope
Total = $625

With my ... Luxury at a DIY Price Special
Total = $525

Return Addressed Reply Envelope $75
Return Addressed Outside Envelope $75
Crystal Embellishment (1 per invite) $37.50 (DIY Price $29.00)

Let me know what you think of this post ... is it helpful??

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  1. This is definitely a helpful post. As a recent bride to be, I think brides will definitely find this information useful.

    By the by, absolutely love, love, love your work! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll.

    All my best!